Weekday Menu

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Grilled Portobello mushroom with blue cheese crumb & rocket salad 6.50
Butternut squash & coconut soup 6.00
Seared hand-dived scallop, with cauliflower puree, Pancetta & black pudding 9.00
Chorizo & Quail’s egg “Scotch egg” with a Paprika dip 7.00


Slow-cooked lamb curry, steamed rice, poppadums, chutney & yoghurt 13.50
Chilli con carne with steamed rice 12.50
Beer-battered Cod (MSC certified*) and chips 12.00
Cauliflower & lentil Dhansak with steamed rice (Ve) 12.00
Veggie “meat” balls in a sweet tomato sauce (Ve) 13.00
The Fat Doug beefburger stuffed with Mozarella, fat chips & fat onion rings 13.00
Peri-peri Halloumi burger with chips (V) 12.50
Honey & lime free-range chicken salad, chili and mango dressing, croutons 12.00
Free-range chicken Makhani curry with steamed rice, yoghurt & naan bread 13.50
Mussels in cream, chive, garlic & white wine sauce with fries 13.50
Crab and avocado salad with citrus dressing 14.50
Sandwiches (lunchtime only)
(on sourdough & served with salad garnish & crisps)
Cheese & tomato/salad/ pickle 6.00
Cheese & ham w/tomato/salad 6.50
Ham & mustard 6.00
Sausage & red onion with mustard 6.00
Smoked salmon & cream cheese 6.90


Garlic bread 2.80
Chips 3.00

Puddings & cheese

Raspberry & white chocolate roulade with double cream 5.90
Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream 5.90
Yarde Farm luxury Ice Cream 2.00/3.50/5.00
(Strawberry, Honeycomb, Chocolate and Vanilla)

Our Quality Sustainable Food
*( The Marine Stewardship Council work to stop over-fishing and ensure sustainable oceans for the future).
**(Free range chicken: much better conditions, much less antibiotics, much better for you)